Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sometimes those in the know...don't

As it turns out weatherman and travel offices in Croatia both have reliability issues. This morning started with a quick check of the days weather....sunny and hot (32... feels like 40 hot).  Oh joy, more of the same....yeah!  Then we headed over to the port to get  the catamaran over to Korcula.  Ever cautious ...we arrived more than an hour early, getting there even before the ticket office was scheduled to open. Plenty of would think...right? hour later we headed to the bus terminal to get bus tickets.  Yup! The Catamaran office opened a little early and was sold out shortly before we got to the window.  Not a problem...we are teachers and 'flexible' is our middle name ( yup all three of us have the same middle name....go figure).  This is why when we discovered that the 9:00 bus was sold out we were easily able to adjust our lives and plan for the 3:00 one. It's still all good. 

We set out to explore Port Cruz and welcomed the sight of some clouds in the sky.  There was a lovely trail along the coast that included a cooling breeze, an amazing dog playing chase and carry the tire(nope, not an auto correct issue here, it really was a tire that his owner threw into the water for him to retrieve), and a really cool bar that was located inside a cave. Then it was time to head back to the bus terminal to grab our luggage and hop the bus. 

Okay, so remember the sunny and hot forecast this morning?   We did too but had no difficulty accepting a little cloud cover and actually were quite appreciative of the cooling breezes.  It was the  darkening clouds in the distance at this point that really got our attention. ( We actually hoped it might rain a little to cool us off)...(Editor insert:  Holly would like it known she warned Heather and Kenna of angering the Rain Gods. One has to be extremely careful this close to Italy and Greece.) Next, time we will be more careful of what we wish for. (Holly's point exactly.) Okay, we ALMOST made it back to the bus terminal before the deluge hit and no one was actually hurt when the hail began to pelt down, (ironically we would have given anything for a little ice the day before) .  Did I mention the lightening? Sunny and hot my #%#^%.

To be honest, it is these kind of things that make travelling fun and interesting isn't it? The two young women who sat on the floor beside us on the bus because it was overbooked thought so too. 

We are safely in Korcula now.  The sun is shining and all is right with the world.  Here is the view from our new place.