Friday, August 9, 2013

A Daytrip to Bosnia Herzogovinia

Having your own personal driver is cool.  Today, we spent the big bucks and hired a guide to drive us to Mostar, Bosnia Herzogovinia.  Mostar is interesting because it was almost completely levelled during the war.  Catholic Croats and Muslim Bosnians lived as one in the city.  When Dubrovnik was attacked in '91, they fought side by side against theSerbs, but by '95, it was everyone for the,selves and the city was torn apart as former neighbours blew each other to pieces.  Because of the extreme devastation, much of the city has not been rebuilt and it is used as a reminder of the pain of war.

Our driver spent a good part of the six hours of driving time, talking to us about the war. He had fought in it and was one of the few people we have met who had a more balanced recollection.  There is still a lot of bitterness and blame.

On the other hand, Mostar was quite pretty in the sections that had been rebuilt.  We spent some happy hours shopping for special little something's to take home.

Yet another pretty little town in Boznia Herzogovinia is called Blagaj (Blah-gai rhymes with pie).  The Turks had a dervish who lived here to help guide people in their spiritual lives.  I thoughtitsoundedlike the oracle at Delphi.

The dervish lived in the cave barely visible above the house behind us.  The house is the dervish house.

Tomorrow we are off to Korcula so we may not have Internet. You may get a break from our witty repartee for few days...or maybe not.  Ooh, the suspense.