Thursday, July 8, 2010

little things

Its little things that mark time as we approach take off. Things like the last phone bill, the cancellation of your TV cable, car insurance reminders that you can safely ignore, heart palpitations.

Holly discovered that flight prices drop around this time every year. This year her prediction came true and prices dropped yet again, right on schedule. Go Holly! We used some coupons from our local grocery store to save $200 per ticket. I was saving up my grocery points for a new Corvette but this does save us money now so I guess its OK.

I finished the storage cocoon. It's big. I hope we don't get a big snow this winter, I am worried about the snow load of the roof. (if you are our renters, this is a joke).

Sold a few more things on Craigslist. You meet the most random people on C/L. If anyone is looking to buy any old, useless, heavy, large items please contact me.