Saturday, June 12, 2010

Welcome to the Blog

In seven weeks we'll leave on a one year tour of Europe. This has been four years in the making so it's not like we're unprepared. Two summers ago we practiced traveling together to see what it was like. We spent three and a half weeks driving through the province of British Columbia. Okay, I know that isn't exactly a whole year but it is hard to practice when you only have a certain number of holidays. And for those of you who know me, yes, I am a teacher-librarian and I get my whole summer off but my husband doesn't, so there.

As I was saying, we practiced. It wasn't a complete waste of time. I learned some valuable information:

1. Circus performers and dancers (mostly from the cast of STOMP) love to travel and apparently book rooms above and beside ours.

2. My children are a delight to take to a restaurant...for the first 20 minutes. We present a loving family unit if we can get in, order, eat and get out before the first half hour has expired.

3. My husband gets rather grumpy after 2 weeks of celibacy.

4. I am a delight to travel with. The rest of them can get on your nerves.