Monday, August 5, 2013

On our way to Croatia

May I begin by saying how wet it is in London?  The weather in Croatia is going to be sunny and hot for two weeks... And when I say hot, I mean stinking hot.  Naturally, we all packed accordingly.  This morning we arrived to unsettled weather and by late after noon it began to sprinkle.  We decided it was a prime time to get a bite to eat and by the time we got out again it was pouring!  

My first question was whether or not the cute, new, bold, red jacket I had on was colourfast.  My second question was how white pants would look soaking wet.  Do they react like a white t-shirt?  Fortunately for Londoners, my clothing did not disintegrate in the rain. I did, however, look less and less polished as the deluge continued proving that the baggage handler in the Vancouver airport was wrong.  I do not look like Princess Di.

By the end of the day our conversation had degenerated into a discussion of which of us would survive a zombie apocalypse.  I was voted least likely to survive but really, what's so bad about being a zombie? We also discussed whether we had to pee bad enough to fork over the 30pence in the train station.  (Only once) and if there is a washroom on the train, should one use it? (No). Clearly, we are all getting along we'll and well suited for travel together.


Ray said...

Well it looks like a bit of ole Vancouver has followed you to London- wait- actually old Vancouver must have moved to London- I hasn't rained here in a month! Why did you leave? Now for sure it will start raining here.
Well I hope you have a great time. I was just saying that I think the cycling travel bug is starting again- and you three are scouting it out for me. Great! Cheers- Ray

Holly said...

We can't imagine cycling in this heat. It was 34degrees at about 4:30 today. It might be a lovely night cycle trip, though. Bring your headlight.
Cheers, holly, Kenna, and Heather