Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kayaking the Mediterranean

Did I mention it was hot?  Today had to be 38 degrees in the shade. Being the intrepid travellers we are, we sought refuge at a nearby Buza.  Here we are enduring the heat with typical Canadian aplomb. 

After a gruelling day of observing the ocean habits of the native Southern European, we decided to challenge ourselves to a sea kayak experience.  Heather and Holly shared a kayak and Kenna went solo.  We were in a group of about ten tourists.  It was quickly apparent Heather and Holly would not be front runners in our trip.

Interestingly, synchronization of movement is one key factor in the forward motion of a kayak.  Heather and Holly struggled with this concept.  Somehow, our kayak wanted to move left.  Clearly, it was defunct.  When Holly pointed this out to the guide, he offered various tips for success; none of which were very useful as the kayak continued to be drawn to the open Mediterranean.  Eventually, the group stopped and a guide offered a choice, probably better referred to as the "cut 'em loose" choice.  He said if anyone wanted to take the shorter route back, one of the guides would take those people.  It should be understood here that he was NOT looking in our direction as he said this, but we willingly took the opportunity, to the relief of all, I'm sure. Kenna kindly came with us as did another kayak of ladies and it was a much more enjoyable trip home, even with the damn kayak pulling constantly out to sea.

This lovely sunset photos is not indicative of the amount time it took to get back.  Really.  We had opted for the sunset cruise, mainly because they offered wine on our return.  We earned it as it is quite possible Holly will not be able to use her left arm tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Reading this at the cabin. Sounds lovely! Not so hot here - only 32 deg today.

Tom said...

Everything looks exotic, very jealous.

I think Holly and Heather had so much trouble because they were forced to haul the Keg. (second picture)


Holly said...

I do love you for your loyal support. Sadly, the keg was there to hold our gear and all the kayaks had one.