Sunday, August 11, 2013

Island life at its best

Sitting by our open doors right now after another exciting day ......
Earlier today we left our apartment and walked across the street for a good morning swim. The crystal clear warm water is salty and very buoyant and while the waterfront by our place isn't sand the pebbles are well rounded from all the waves.  

We decided experiencing mass at the cathedral in Korcula's  St Mark's square would be interesting.  It was a packed house standing room only.  We couldn't even get in the door and had to stand in the doorway.  After mass it was time for some local pastries and then a tour of the old town.  
Korcula's streets are set up in the shape  of a fish skeleton with the streets on one side curved and the other straight.  The straight streets allow the good northeastern winds to flow through town and the curved streets  prevent the bad south winds from passing through.  

The highlight of the old town was climbing to the top of the cathedral tower to look out over the city and the surrounding sea. By now it was early afternoon and the wind had come up. The view was spectacular but climbing the tower itself was pretty cool too. Classic European narrow windy staircase all the way up. Very narrow at the top outside the bell tower but also amazing. 

From there we headed to the marina to look at the fancy boats and have a little walk along the seashore.    When we headed back into the old town it seemed like a good time to shop or better yet to sit down try some local seafood and wine.  The setting of sitting along side the wall looking over the Adriatic enjoying mussels and wine is hard to beat.   

Note how Heather and Holly cleverly use their arms to create a heart shaped frame around the boat in between them.  Art gone bad.

There  was still pretty water to see and so sadly we left our little perch and started towards the pier.  We had noticed the wind surfers earlier but at the end of the town wall they were spectacular.   They raced towards the wall and quickly turned and headed back across the straight. The speed,strength and sheer skill level was impressive.    
Korcula is quiet in the afternoon but once evening falls the town really comes alive.  All the shops restaurants,streets are filled with people. Great fun all around.  Tomorrow we head back to the mainland.  We managed to get our tickets for the catamaran so assuming we make the 6 am ferry we are saying goodbye to this wonderful island town and moving on to Split