Friday, August 6, 2010

Nose crusties

We all get them people. On occasion we all must clear our nostrils, some more than others. We all choose our own cleaning method as well. Having cleared that up (heh, heh), I was alarmed this morning when I was delicately clearing my nostrils to see BLACK crusties. Black? Two options immediately sprung to mind. One: I have contracted the Bubonic Plague. I have heard this is not uncoimmon in London. Two: The air here is disgusting. I am hoping for option two. I have noticed a small red spot on my face but until it becomes more boil-like I shall treat it as a common pimple and assume the air in London is foul. It doesn't look foul but many more people are smokers here than at home. Could it really have had that much of an effect on my sweet little nose crusties?