Sunday, August 1, 2010

London - August 1

I wake up at 4 AM , not bad. I get out of bed at 5 and eat some things the lady left us as a welcome. I cook some toast, eat a banana and eat most of the box of Chocolate cookies. I save three for the others like some kind of hero. When everyone is up we head downtown to tae the bus tour. It is a perfect thing to do on the first day, sit on your butt and have others show you the sights. Things that stand out are; Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Architecture, ,the feeling of history and Julia falling asleep. It is funny how we are all on different time schedules. Later we ate our packed lunch and took the water tour to Greenwich to see the prime meridian. Saw a couple pubs that Dickens frequented. Walked the under ground tunnel under the Thames to the tube and returned to Soho for some dinner. Came home and all were to bed by 9:30. It took an hour to write this because typing on a small note book is the height of frustration. I will get better.

Two tidbits I learned Today:

Posh is an acronym for Port Out Starboard Home. When sailing from London to India one side of the ship would be hotter than the other due to the position of the sun relative to the journey. The cooler side of the ship was more expensive. Posh tickes we more costly.

Wharf is an acronym for:

WareHouse At River Front

Talk to you on the morrow.