Friday, August 6, 2010

London - August 6th

August 6, 2010

St. Paul’s Cathedral, “The Holy Stairmaster”.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a very finely designed and important church to the city of London. The decorations on the inside are very intricate and ornate. The basement crypt has Lord Nelson and others but not the same history as Westminster Abbey.

We climbed all the way to the disappointing whispering dome. The ambient noise from the “other tourists” made it hard to hear, although the view of the church was impressive. We continued up to the top of the dome, a fascinating look at the inner structure of St. Paul’s, and made it to the top lookout, passing many winded sightseers, to the highest point they let the public at. A tight space wrapped around the top spire. It is a fabulous view of all London.

British Museum.

We got there a little late, around 3:30 but it is open late Today (Friday). There is too much to see and you are quickly overwhelmed by history. In one hour I have seen the real Rosetta stone, several mummies, a bust of Ramesses II, Some plaster figures that are 9000 years old, Roman mosaics and much more. I have barely scratched the surface. I think setting aside a whole day when we return to London is what we have planned. You need to be fresh and prepared.

Fish and chips.

A quick dinner tonight since we leave London Saturday morning for Bath. I will be driving. I have very good insurance. I finally have some decent fish and chips in London. The quality of fish and chips seems to be inversely proportional to the price. For 3.80 pounds I have the best fish compared to 12 pounds at the pub that was only OK.

Blog Notes

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