Friday, August 6, 2010

August 5th

August 5

Churchill War Museum

If you don’t think Churchill was a great man, just go to his war museum. It is located in the war rooms in London during the Second World War. It is the actual location with most of the original objects. Apparently after the war they just left and closed the door. It wasn’t really opened up again until the 1970s. It puts you back into the 1940s convincingly. The most powerful thing is the footage of his state funeral.

Kensington gardens

We were going to go to tea here but decided that $100 CDN was just too steep even though it was supposedly the least expensive good tea in London. They had a nice pond with plenty of birds to see, geese, swans and other fowl. Sitting in a chair cost four pounds. We didn’t pay it. Good God, re-reading this, we are cheap Canadians.

Mousetrap (Agatha Christie play)

Holly saw this the last time she was in London. We have just seen the 24,039th performance of this show’s run. It was a good show even from our 15 pound nosebleed seats. I never would have guessed the killer is …. I promised not to tell.