Wednesday, August 4, 2010

London August 3

August 3, 2010

Westminster abbey

1000 years of royal Church activity with fantastic Gothic architecture. I must have stared at all the craftsmanship for hours; I would spend more time there if allowed. We were there five hours. Julia was sick of me liking all the stone work and wood work. “Not another cool door Dad” or hardware or tile or …. Seeing Sir Isaac Newton’s tomb or Darwin’s was interesting for me as I thought this flew in the face of the church at the time? Poet’s corner was more like a Hollywood walk of fame with Lewis Carroll and Thomas Hardy. Julia said she wouldn’t get married on top of a lot of dead people even if they are famous. Phew, that will save me a lot of money! Westminster Abbey is an interesting connection to tomorrow’s adventure at London Tower.

We have seen Tower Bridge three times now. The first time was from the water as part of our London tour. The guide says “It doesn’t open often, you are quite lucky, we felt lucky as it opened. The second time was in the bus, lucky again. Today we were walking from a failed attempt to see a free show at the Scoop, a outdoor amphitheater, when we crossed the Tower Bridge again. As we are approaching the alarm sounds and you can see that a cruise ship is to be towed through. Crowds gather including us. Hundreds of pictures later the ship is through and we can proceed. Three for three.

We head over to Fleet Street to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub and have a bite to eat at this pub established in the 1500s rebuilt in 1667 after the Great London fire of 1666. You can see the burnt floor joists. We ordered in the cellar where it was cool and had curved brick ceilings. The atmosphere down there was an old prison from Dickens’ time. The beer was terrific but the food tasted like it was from Dickens’ time as well.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad