Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Beautiful Day

We'll let our pictures do the talking today.  We began our morning with the most amazing hike through Plitvitce Lakes park.  This is a natural geological phenomenon.  The lakes are staggered on many different levels, which sounds impossible except they cascade endlessly.  The paths have been erected in places you wouldn't normally get to walk so you get to see spectacular sights.  The water is a gorgeous blue because of the calcium in it.  The formations creating the waterfalls were created by the deposits of the calcium as the water flowed.

We got there by 7:40am to beat the crowds and this was a good idea.  By the time we left at noon, the parking lot could have rivalled Disneyland.  Seeing The lineup for tickets, the fight for parking, the wait for the shuttle and the constant flow of humanity almost destroyed the serenity of our walk.

This gives an idea of how the water steps gradually down, instead of just flowing quickly.

You all know how I love my ducks in a row.

This one is for Julia.  :)

Just had to throw this one in at the end.  Evidently, at this toilet, if you pay, you can not only have some toilet paper but also a seat to sit on!  I wonder if paper is one cost and the seat another? What kind of toilet service will you get for a really big payment?


Tom said...

the lakes are really cool. No swimming I see? Early to bed. Go Holly!