Monday, August 12, 2013

Split Rocks

We took the 6:00 am ferry back to the mainland today.  We are now in Split. It is a great town.  There is an opera playing down the street as I type.  I can hear it from my window because it is literally on the street!  We tried to get tickets but they were sold out.  Kenna and Heather are still strolling the Riva.  I am posting before I turn in for the night.  The Riva is a gorgeous wide, seaside promenade that everyone who is anyone strolls.

We are staying inside Diocletian's palace for the night.  That's him below.
Yes, we are really moving up in the world now. Diocletian was the emperor of Rome back around 200 BC... Or was it Ad?  He is famous for deciding to divide the empire into four sections and assign emperors to each section.  While this was most certainly helpful at the time, it may have been the beginning of decline for the empire.  Anyhoo, his palace was built right on the edge of the sea...and when I say edge, I mean edge.  You could sail right up to the back door.  Croatia tides are almost non-existent, measuring less than a foot, according to a local.  Today, there is the beautiful promenade walk there so they either reclaimed some land or the sea receded.  Over the years, the people built the town right through the palace so it is a very neat place.  I'll have to post more pics tomorrow because Heather has her camera now and I haven't got any more pics to help describe this place.

I do, however, have a shot of Kenna at lunch and a cool fountain.