Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If you have a Skype account please let us know at travellinglloyds@gmail.com if you are online we can have a little chit chat.


Steve said...

Just an added thought for those unfamiliar with Skype.

It is FREE to download and set up an account for. Although it is best with a webcam of any sort, you only need a basic microphone to do just voice chat. You can send text messages if all else fails. Most laptops should have a webcam and mic built in. For PC's, a simple $35 webcam with mic should fit the bill.

Costco sells them cheap. Look for Logitech or Microsoft brands and a webcam with a mic built in. If you are a high roller and have a beefy computer, go for an HD webcam. They normally offer better quality mic's with higher resolution video.