Monday, October 4, 2010


Food. Food is good. I like food. You know what's good? Food!

We have now established that food is good. Now the food in Turkey, it's pretty good too.

Julia and I have established that two particular types of food are exquisite. First of all, the meat is good.

"Man, the turks make the best meat." - Julia Lloyd

"mmm, Bread+Butter=Happiness…" - Rhys Lloyd

I had 15+ pieces of bread at our last hotel. My parents warned of indigestion, but no problems yet. Turkish breakfast is pretty good, with feta-like cheese, fresh bread, cucumber, and tomato. The Turks have their own special type of pizza. It's called "Pide" and looks like a circle got it's middle chopped out, and the top and bottom were put together. Sort of like a North American football or two brackets: (). It's very good, as it has extra crust J.

There are some foods that are similar and some are different.

For example, honeydew is called kazun, is about the same size, is shaped like a teardrop, and is coloured like this; It fades from orangey~yellow at the top to greenish~yellow at the bottom, or vice versa, with light~dark green splotches or parallel top-bottom light~dark green lines of splotches strategically placed all over it and parallel wrinkles running all the way, or part way, from top to bottom.

That was just the outside.

On the inside, it shifts from dark-light green in about a centimeter from the outside, and then stays green until 1-3 cm from the middle, where the seeds are. The seeds look like a skinny cob of beige corn, and separate easily from the fruit.

Kazun tastes like honeydew, with the texture of cantaloupe.


Steve said...

Rhys, fresh Turkish bread with Nutella sustained your Uncle for week long stretches. The kebabs are fantastic. Once Hangisi McDonalds? That is "are you hungry for McDonalds" : )

maryanncart said...

Rhys, as I remember, breakfast in Turkey also had wonderful honey combs that were just dripping with honey, sometimes cheese and meat slices...YUMMY...actully , it's lunch time here...I better eat! Love Grandma Mac

Tom said...

I think you were conervative on your bread estimate, Dad

Mynnette said...

The kazun sounds great- can't remember if we had any of that or not.MSW