Monday, October 4, 2010


Pamukkale started to look not very good as we hiked up to it in 25 degree weather. I was really hoping we wouldn’t do it. Ok lets rewind a bit. We were on the bus when dad pointed it out. It was big and white and it looked like one of those things you just could live with out doing. We went to our hotel and we were staying for 1 night, but it was a really nice hotel. Anyway when we got there Mom took out this book and started to look at things to do (I don’t even know where she gets these books.) She aid we could go up the big white thing ( she didn’t exactly say ‘big white thing’) and go for a swim in the hot springs. I didn’t think ‘hot’ springs sounded so nice in the 25 degree weather, but how could I refuse a swim? Plus I really don’t have much say. So that very day after the 4 hour hot, stuffy bus ride, we went for a hike.

Up from our hotel after 2 minutes I was already ready to go back, y’no even though it was only a 7 minute walk from our hotel to ‘Pamukkale’ ( It even sounds deadly.) Mom had told me earlier that it was made of calcium, the stuff in milk, witch is kinda cool really. When we got there it got MUCH better. It asked you to take your shoes off because there was a cool creek running from the top. Immediately I loved it. We started to walk up a not-so-steep hill, the ground wasn’t slippery at all it felt really grippy and smelled of faint milk. We walked for a little bit, then came to our first pool it was a pale blue. It was fluffy and soft on the bottom but ever so often you came to a big pointy rock, ow.

We walked and walked until we reach the top there were awesome views on the way, it was a bit more slippery a the top. When we put out shoes back on we went to a museum, mom and dad were like ‘Omigod, that’s so interesting’ ‘that happen 2000 years ago WOW!’ I stuck with my usual ‘Yah *yawn* that’s so amazing, I love it.’ or ‘This is the best museum yet.’ Museums are all the same, old people’s buried stuff.

Any way after that death trap was swimming in the ancient ruins, it just makes everything sound better when you use the word ‘Swimming.’ The water was very hot, well not boiling I could swim and all but it was still warm. The ruins wernt that cool but in one part that I wasn’t allowed to go but went anyway, you could see the small little bubbles forming on your body. You could write your name and stuff on yourself. Then we did more walking after the swimming, and all I could think of were more movies. Yay, movies!


Steve said...

Julia, great photos. There are so many amazing and unique places in Turkey. I am glad you are having these experiences. The calcified ponds in Pamukkale are definitely a high light. You will love the hidden cities of Cappadocia. The way the stone eroded left precariously balanced rocks and people lived in underground caves through out the region.

Oh yes, and I am arranging for a movie fix for you!

maryanncart said...

Hi Julia,

Love all the pictures and you are all looking quite good. Some of the pictures I couldn't tell if it was you or your MOM!!! How neat for you to have these experiences. I think that you should have an experiment where you find something unique in each museum to begin to tell them apart! Love Grandma Mac

Mynnette said...

We loved sliding down the calcium rock water "slide", too. Can you play the game-"What is the grossest thing in this museum"? Or in an art museum, "Which picture would you ask for for FREE?". MSW