Friday, October 8, 2010

12 Island tour

Today we went on a twelve island tour. The islands we went to were very small.
It was nothing I expected it to be, first of all the were only 5 islands. The first island we went to was a no-name island, it was a cool day (so a normal day in Canada) and dad jumped off the side of the boat because we were going swimming and don’t worry the boat was stopped. I couldn’t bring myself to jump off ‘cause the water looked cold. So I went to the bottom of the boat and slowly climbed in with my pool noodle. The water is colder than on the boat, but warmer than Shuswap Lake. We went swimming for a while, got back on the boat, and went to the next island.

At the next island we ate lunch and didn’t leave the boat. Mom and Dad met a guy from Canada, Calgary and they started to talk. His name is Ron and he was nice (Duh, he’s from Canada.) Ron sat at our table and stuck with us for the whole trip. Anyway, we had dry chicken and garlic pasta for lunch and went to the third island.

The third island was odd. It was called flat island. We got off the side of the boat and, didn’t land in the water, walked on to the land and up the hill. Yes, a hill on Flat Island. I saw a little white rabbit that was cute, Dad pointed it out. Rhys made a arch thing that was weird. Then we got back on the boat and went to the third island.

It was a lot of fun. Dad jumped off the side of the boat, and I climbed down half way and then jumped of the side of the boat. It was a lot of fun. Before we got in the water I told Ron it was fun to sit on top of the buoy, he said ‘I’d like to see you do that!’ So, I did. The I got out of the water and jumped of the top of the side of the boat.

After that we went to a bunny island the bunnies were so cute and there were thousands of them. They wouldn’t let you pet them though. After that we went home, it wasn’t the best tour but it wasn’t awful.


maryanncart said...

Hi Julia, Loved all your comments about being on the islands. I'm so glad that you all know how to swim and enjoy it! Jazzy swimming suit you have. It looks like the bunnies liked you and Rhys. I guess you go to Istanbul soon...can hardly wait to hear about all your experiences. Nice you met someone from Calgary. Love Grandma Mac

Mynnette said...

Great report on the non-12 islands. Swim pics are great. Do they ever do anything with the excess bunnies? Like remove them from the island?

Steve said...

Holy BUNNIES factor 9! My goodness. I have visions of Monty Python. Protect your throats!