Friday, April 1, 2011


In Madrid we saw Picasso's most famous painting, we went on a gondola ride,

and we saw buildings across the street from each other that were leaning inwards to the street.

Madrid felt very flexible, like we could stop doing whatever, whenever, and do something else like eat or some other thing in mom's plans. Mom is so organized with her plans, we just get somewhere, and follow her lead. It's very easy to travel with mom. She tells us all the possible problems, and then when they come we can see what the solution is without her guidance. In Madrid she told us we'd get to the place, heather and Kenna would meet us there, and then go to a museum and meet ray when we're done at the museum. For dinner on the first day, we went to an Italian restaurant; I had spaghetti carbonara. Carbonara is a white cream sauce similar to Alfredo sauce, but with no cheese. An interesting dish that someone ordered was spaghetti negro (black spaghetti).

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Loved the pictures and your blog Julia...Good for you to put up with all the adults, carrying on to the wee hours of the night! Love Grandma Mac