Friday, April 1, 2011

The Madrid Song

Welcome to Espanya

Tune of “Wasn’t that a Party”

Started at the Prado

Up and down the stairs,

Following the guidebook looking at Goya art ‘til nobody really cared

Jetlag is a killer

I want to close my eyes

Long about then Ray showed up

Welcome to Espanya

Someone bought a bottle,

Might have been a jug

After three or four tapas bars, food and wine all tastes like a big warm hug

‘cept may-be the Pig’s Ears

Is that really a food?

Free drinks, good friends and fun,

Welcome to Espanya

Lookin’ at the castles

Churches and towns,

If I see one more museum Rick recommends, my head’ll start spinning ‘round

Holly cracks the whip then

And off we all go

Teachers on tour throughout Madrid

Welcome to Espanya

If you have a euro

You can buy some shoes

But don’t bother knockin’ at the convent door ‘cause those nuns have only bad news

Won’t sell you some cookies

Won’t even say hello

Guess we’ll move this party on

Welcome to Espanya

Heather started whining

Kenna had to go

Ray fell asleep in the middle of raucous times; it’s been a long week you know

Goin’ home to recover

Keep those good times close

Gonna miss the Spanish fun

Adios Espanya

2 comments: said...

GREAT shot of you all...I can't believe that Rhys is taller than his mother and closing in on his father! What fun you all had...Love Mom

Theresa said...

I am so disappointed this was not videotaped and shared on the blog. Don't you know songs written by SS staff is right up on my favorite things to enjoy.

I notice R, K, or H didn't show up with any chocolate or wine sampling for us. How disappointing:(

I think we need to take Heather out to the bar and get her drunk so we can squeeze out of her any good stories from their vacation with you all. All they seem to say is that the Lloyds are all still keen on doing more travel and that you are still managing to like one another after being together 24/7 for so many months.

I on the other hand enjoyed beautiful Victoria for 3 days. We spent most of our time in the Hotel swimming pool.