Friday, April 1, 2011

Castles somewhere that i can not remamber the name of.

Today we went to a lot of castles. I’m going to write about the second one because I’m sure Rhys is going o write about the first. It is a Muslim style castle, because it was built by the Muslims when they invaded Portugal. Present day its preserved as a Christian castle because later, in about 1230, the Crusaders kicked out the Muslims (Moors). Instead of destroying and building on top, they just re-styled the castle. So I still looks Muslim but with a bunch of pictures of Jesus on the wall. It was a fun castle, it had lots of secret passages and stuff. It also had a Sim-version of the castle where you could explore it on a computer…which was cool. It was a small castle, and cozy. I would live there, the other castle are just too big. It also had a cute little court yard and the biggest room was half as big as our biggest room ( in Langley.) It was a really nice, cute castle. That was one of my favorite castles. I’m not crazy about the tiled outside, but I love the interior, from the snake railing to the tight little tower that only one person could fit at the top. The whole castle was different that any others, and that’s why I liked it.

2 comments: said...

Hi Julia, LOVED your castle comments and pictures. I think of all the children in the world who just dream about castles and have never seen even one! Wonderful that you are making castle comparisons! Loved the picture of you. Love, Grandma Mac

Theresa said...

I never tire of castles. I could see a new castle everyday and never get bored. Cathedrals on the other hand just don't intrigue me like castles, but they should. The architecture is phenomenal.

How about some more food videos??!!