Friday, November 5, 2010

The little things

Food in Austria is more like Canadian or American food than any other place I think. First of all they really like schnitzels (shnih-tsel-z) and strudels (Ss-true-tells) schnitzels are like a thin piece of meat, with bread crumbs so pretty much deep fried chicken… but better. And strudels came in cherry, or apple. And some times even cheese. There are not a lot of vegetables and there’s a lot of meat.

Speaking German
When speaking German you have to speak English with a VERY bad, horrible accent. Like apple is apfel or Good morning is Gutainmorgin. (Goo-tin-more-gin) Some words are different though. Every thing you can pretty well guess here or just kind of fits. Donka is thank-you and after a while it just kind of fits. And there’s not much weird stuff like in some languages the words don’t match up quite right. But thank you very much here is donka-shon easier right?


maryanncart said...

Julia, loved your comments about the food and language. Makes me hungry for a struedel. Austria sounds and looks like a wonderful country. Love Grandma Mac

Nancy said...

Yummy! We have missed you these last few day's. Glad to see you are back on line and enjoying Austria. Love Auntie Nancy

Steve said...

Austrian and German are not the most lovely languages to listen to, but I am sure it is comforting to be able to have some amount of communication even though most Europeans speak English as well.

Now you just need to run through the hills of Switzerland singing "Maria"