Friday, November 5, 2010


We took a detour from Vienna to Krakow, Poland. The trip was a bit out of the way but Tom really wanted to see Auschwitz and Rhys has had an affinity for the word, Krakow ever since he used it as his name in the online gaming world. Krakow was a beautiful city and we all wished we had had more time to explore.

It was Rhys’s birthday when we arrived so we went out for dinner to a recommended Polish restaurant. It was recommended by our hostel as a throwback to the communist/socialist days. The place was a cafeteria style with yellowing walls and sad, lackluster ambiance. The servers spoke no English but we were pretty sure the menu said perogi. We ordered two plates and they were fabulous so we ordered another two plates. Our whole meal with drinks cost only $7 total! Food in Poland is crazy cheap. Our hostel actually served breakfast AND dinner for free. The hostel was very popular with our children as well. It had showers with water that squirted out from all sorts of odd locations, a built-in radio, telephone, foot massage, and a seat for back massage. This was far beyond anything I have ever experienced so all of us had quite a bit of fun playing in the shower when it was our turn. If you want an inexpensive vacation, try Krakow!


maryanncart said...

Loved the way you all pronounced Krakow and what a fantastic hostel! No wonder you want to go back....Neat architecture. What a trip you are having! Love Mom

Steve said...

Krakow or xXxMonkeymanxXx must have really enjoyed this leg of the adventure. So much history. Cheap food is always a rush. I will bet after Austrian meals, the Polish dinner experience was a wallet relief.