Friday, November 5, 2010

At The Opera

In Vienna, Austria, we went to the Opera. We saw the barber of Seville, and it was excellent. In the first half, Julia slept on the floor while we watched. I should mention that we had standing seats, er stands. The stands were 4 Euros while the seats were 200+.

When the lights dimmed they played the starting music. I couldn’t help but thinking of Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd. If you've never seen the barber of Seville, the story is about a guy who wants to marry this girl, and she feels the love too, but her guardian doesn’t feel so groovy. The barber, Figaro was funny. There was this one part, when Figaro was playing the guitar, and Lindoro (the male lover), was singing to get Rosina (the female lover) out. There was a pause in the song and Figaro said "olĂ©" and everyone laughed (except Julia). Weirdly, her guardian thought that she would make a fine wife too, and wanted to marry her, and she was supposed to marry 'the count' Almaviva. Then her guardian told her false tales of how Lindoro was trying to make her marry the count. Then when Lindoro broke into her house she wasn’t too excited, and shoved him saying something like, "You're just trying to make me marry the count!" And then, he says, "Well, I happen to be the count!" and she goes and then they get married happilyeveraftertheend.


maryanncart said...

Hi Rhys...I'm so glad that you enjoyed the opera. I hope you will write to your teachers at Langley School of F.A. and let them know what you saw, appreciated and learned. WEll done. Loved reading about it. Love, Grandma Mac

Steve said...

OMG...your reference to Bugs Bunny is too funny. I have really signifcant memmories of Loony Tunes doing the Barber of Seville too. I actually snorted out loud when I read your comment! : )

Mynnette said...

Wow- I have finally seen the inside of the Opera house AND Back stage!What a neat blog and description of the opera. Thanks for taking the time, energy and interest to educate us! Hugs- MSW