Monday, November 8, 2010

The Führer

When Hitler came around, the state of Germany from the First World War was very poor; the currency was plummeting through the center of the earth, out the other side, and beyond. It got to the point where 3 trillion marks would be worth 1 CAD. The people were starving, dying, impaired, and they needed someone to blame. Hitler was an influential speaker. He first blamed their government for losing the war. He told the people that the government sold them out. He said that if they had just been in the war a little longer they would've won. He built hate. Then he blamed the Jews. He blamed people, and the blameless people used his blame. He gained power by supplying the demand. Then, his own orders initiated. He terrorized the people into following him. He turned everyone under his rule against everyone else under his rule. There was no absence of rebellion though, there were assassination attempts, uprisings, and more, but evidently none were strong enough overthrow the Nazis. Hitler didn't like opposition. He murdered anyone he thought could overthrow his empire. Hitler wanted to rule the world, and he didn't like the Jewish. Hitler used hate, terror, death, and insanity to drive his empire. This is how he came to power.


maryanncart said...

Hi Rhys, I found your commentary interesting. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Love, Grandma Mac