Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, back in late September we went had one of our most amazing days. We went to Ephesus. Ephesus is an Ancient Greek/Roman city in Turkey. It was apparently founded by a prince from Athens, Androklos. He was told by the oracle of Delphi that he would found a city at a place where a fish and a boar show you the way. While he was with his men on a hunting trip, they were cooking fish over the fire. The fish fell out of the pan and caused a spark from the fire to flare up onto a nearby bush. A boar was hiding in the bush and was startled out of its spot by the flames. In this way, Androklos knew he was to build his city at that very spot.

We had to break the show into three parts because it was too long to upload all at the same time. Keep in mind this is part school report, part family experience and part teaching tool!


maryanncart said...

Hi, I'm so sorry we didn't connect this morning, but it was a great surprise to see you at least for a brief period. I was also surprised to see the Ephesus hope you are enjoying your place etc. Love Mom