Monday, November 8, 2010

The Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo is supposed to be one of the best zoos in the world. Have you heard of Knut? He’s, well, a very famous polar bear because he is the first polar bear born in captivity. This zoo now owns him he is four years old and is bigg-ish. So normal for a polar bear and big for a human but he’s not a human so it’s all good. He is located in the ‘Bear’ section on isle ‘Ice Bear’. Any way the zoo is a good zoo.Also in the ‘Bear section’ was a panda! He\she\it was the first animal we saw there and the first panda I have ever seen in my life. We thought of Loki because she loves pandas…and Sparkeys:). The panda just kinda sat there and ate it’s bamboo. We passed through the boring bird section and looked at some reindeer (there big day is coming up!) And saw the Monkey section we went inside.

Me and Rhys hurried to the first window where lots of very cute monkeys were swinging around on there playground. It was very funny. We went to the one mom and dad were looking at and there were some medium sized gorilla type monkeys. Three actually. We guessed mom, dad and baby. The mom and dad were just sitting but the baby was swinging around and having a great time. He would swing and then sometimes it would’nt go quite as he planned and he would bash into a wall. Then we saw some pretty-rainbow-butt monkeys (no, not a typo). After them we saw the CUTEST little monkey with big eyes and a small body. He was just adorable. Reminded me of you Sophie.

Then it was about feeding time. The long- tailed monkeys played in one cage and in there other cage the zoo keeper would put the food I hiding places. The she would open the door and all the monkeys would scramble for the food. The was an onion in a hiding spot, the monkey who found it would run away from all the other monkeys while bashing the onion on the ground. It was quite funny. We saw gorillas, apes and then there were the mop monkeys. They were odd. They had very long hair, and when I say long I mean LONG. It was funny long it was like a mop swashing on the floor then he got up on the rope and started swinging. That was frightening!

When we got out it was raining. We walked over to like the coolest playground I’ve ever seen… but it was raining and wet. So we looked at wolves and black bears and mountains goats and neon orange birds. The got to the polar bear section it was very cool, but on our way I noticed the ‘Hippo’ section and it was indoors! Yaya! So we went to the hippo’s. The first ones we saw were small and a shiny grey-black. The second case we saw had a baby hippo in it was as big as the other ones and it was cute. It was a dull grey though. Mom said the dad and mom ones were coming around soon, I looked to the right and saw waves coming around. So I knelt down where you could see under water and not one but THREE big-giant-HUGE hippo’s same galloping through, yes galloping. We watched the hippo’s for a while in awe we heard them roar, we saw them play, and we saw the baby one sleep.

So that’s pretty much an average day at The Berlin Zoo. There were other cool animals we saw but I hit the highlights. Yah, I know, there’s a lot of highlights.


maryanncart said...

Hi Julia, I loved your description about the zoo. I can't figure out why the mop monkey's don't get snarling or their hair caught on the ropes. Cool zoo....Love Grandma Mac