Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bone Church

The Bone Church was actually a lot less creepy than it should have been.
It was creepy and all, but I felt that I should've been a little more freaked out while I was in there, but it just didn't feel like they were gonna come alive. It might be because I'm growing older, and it might be because there wasn't a single assembled skeleton in the whole place. The bones were from Prague Plague victims of 1713-1714. 30,000 died in one year. One hundred a day. I don't think that I would want my bones made into a chandelier in a church with 30,000 other people's bones.
Sorry! the video didn't Upload right! It took about two hours uploading then said there was a problem.


jeanandvernll said...

After seeing the pictures, I had to read your blog again. It is bizarre, macabre and a whole lot of other adjectives. Whoever thought that decoration with bones would be a good idea?

maryanncart said...

Glad to talk to you yesterday. Loved the Salzburg pictures and I sang "the Hills are alive..." as I was looking at them...loved the picture of Rhys "cutting the cheese" and of Rhys and Julia skipping through the leaves!