Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Librariy full of dodo birds

So today it was just misrable weather. Y'no rainy cold ... misrable. Every chance we got we were under cover. So that means alot of chirch's. After we went to the museum with a wafer holder that had 6,000 diomonds on it, yes 6,000 diomonds for holding a 'waffle cracker', We went for lunch. Lunch was AMAZING! Me and Rhys had pizza, he had like a meat mixy pizza, it was alright and it was spicy, then I had the most amazing pizza in the world! It had pesto, mozza', and tomato sauce. It was to die for!
It only went uphill from there.
I said to mom "Oh! I havn't had a kinder suprise in like forever! I love that chocolate they make it so well!"
My mom said " No." (That 'no' was abreveated)Then she left. The the guy GAVE it to me for ...wait for it.... FREE! I was pleased :}

After we went to a library. Aparently some guy thought it would be a good idea to go around the world colecting animals (prefeably dead) to exparament on, and do "Science". So he colected a whole bunch of dead animals and now there up on display at this library. So one of the animals was a dodo bird. Fact: Did you know tat dodo bird's only went extinct in the 18th century? There was also an armadilo there and a UnIcOrN horn :) My guess is that is that it's a Narwal tusk. There were other animals but they wern't that gripping.


maryanncart said...

Hi Julia,

I love your commentary on the do do's and other things you saw. And too cool that you had a FREE kinder chocolate! Nice that the guy at the restaurant understood your English! It is miserable weather here, too. In fact, SNOW is prediced...there is snow in North Vancouver and on the window box by our kitchen window...Love reading your blogs...Love, Grandma Mac