Monday, November 22, 2010

The Adorable Village of Ceske Krumlov

One of the only places the rep at Rick Steve’s travel agency recommended other than the spots I had written down was the little town of Ceske Krumlov in the Czech Republic. He told us this was a “not to be missed” place. Last weekend we czech’d it out.

It turned out to be absolutely adorable. When we arrived it was raining. Julia was in charge of finding the way to the hostel which she did brilliantly. Now with a door like this, who wouldn’t love it? It was cozy and warm inside with lots of wood. A Canadian had built it.

We wandered around in the afternoon awed by the cuteness but when it the sun came out the next morning is when the city really shone. We took a hike up through the countryside but quickly returned to wander the streets again. The city is built on a river that snakes around. The river creates almost an “ohm” shape and the old town is built within this area. In the summertime, people raft down the river. We opted NOT to do this. The only mar on this otherwise perfect place is the communist apartment blocks. WHY, I ask you, why? Surely to goodness the communist architects could see the beauty and charm of the place as easily as anyone else. It must have just KILLED them to have to put up these monstrosities. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Put this town on your must see list.


maryanncart said...

LOVE the pictures and the pictures of Rhys and Julia is WONDERFUL...Beautiful beautiful town