Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Eye for an Eye

So this morning we took Rhys to the Krankenhaus to visit the Augenklinic so the doctor could look at his augen.

Does anyone remember the train ride from Istanbul to Belgrade post other than me? Well, in that post there is a picture of my son hanging his head out the window while his mother and father warned him of the dangers of such an action. Some time later, Rhys began to have problems with his right eye. He felt like he had something in it and it would bug him periodically. Although both Tom and I had checked it frequently and couldn’t see anything, when we looked yesterday there was an obvious spot on the iris close to his pupil. He spent the day trying various methods to remove it but to no avail and it had reached the point where it teared constantly and his eye was becoming more and more red.

The doctor at the clinic turned on the bright light and immediately spotted it. He gave Rhys some eyedrops to numb his eye and then brought a very sharp instrument close in to the eye and plucked out a sliver! He had a sliver in his eye! He gave Rhys more drops and covered the eye with a patch. We return tomorrow to make sure the eye is fine. Until then Rhys is walking around looking somewhat like a pirate.

This afternoon we went to the oldest restaurant in Europe to sample the Salzburg specialty, “Knokerl”. This is a meringue-like substance that must be made with about two dozen egg whites because it is huge. It has a layer of cranberry jam on the bottom and comes with a raspberry sauce on the side. It is recommended for two to share. We all shared it as a snack and could barely finish it. I can’t imagine trying to eat that after a full dinner! At any rate, the restaurant is called, “Stiftskeller St Peter”. Apparently, Charlemagne ate there in 803 which is why the claim to oldest restaurant. We did eat there but we didn’t see Charlemagne.


maryanncart said...

Loved our talk today and Rhys' patch is quite HUGE...the dessert looks delicous and I am going to read the rest of your blogs and have lunch! Love Mom