Friday, September 10, 2010

Our place in Santorini

Our Place on Santorini is really neat. It is in Finikia, a small suburb of Oia, the farthest city west on the island. It is not the most convenient location because we have to take a bus back to the main city if we want to go to any beaches, but it is a beautiful and very neat place to stay. I love the streets we wind through to get here. I love the coolness of the cave in the heat of the day. The kitchen has a very low entry and Tom almost knocked himself out entering it one evening. He now hates the kitchen. We only have a hotplate to cook with so we haven’t eaten a lot of dinners home. The food here is very expensive. The meals are around 40 to 60 dollars each time and the portion size is small and the quality is only mediocre. We are trying to eat cheaply but are not having an easy time of it. Greeece is way more expensive than we remember. On the other hand, the beaches are fabulous and relaxing. Tom and I lounge in deck chairs sipping cool drinks while the kids frolic and cavort in the ocean. Both of them have loved the experience of playing in the waves. This is their first ocean swim.

Kids at front gate

Our street

Our street looking the other direction

Our front door to the house

Standing in the front door looking back at our yard. The bathroom is the blue door, the other door is the door to the street.

The kitchen


Mynnette said...

Intersting pictures- needed that explanation!MSW

maryanncart said...

Love hearing from you, love seeing the pictures and the place you are staying is fantastic. The shot of Julia in her pink dress with Rhys standing behind is wonderful...It reminds me of the 2 x's I've been there! Just wonderful...Can hardly wait to read the next blog...Love Mom

Ian said...

Great photographs. Have you ridden the donkey yet - up or down?
Santorini has a fascinating seismic history - which I'm sure you have discovered

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loving following the Family Lloyd experiences...don't know which Lloyd is the better comedic writer, you all seem so skilled. Looking forward to the further tales...

Shirley :)