Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the first day of school we had an interesting day on Santorini. We went on a mini cruise, on the mini cruise there were things we could do. So first we went out to the active volcano that erupted not to long ago. The volcano had a really cool steam vent with smoke from the lava.

The volcano had an amazing view you could see the ocean all around and the ash too. I never thought that a volcano had a whole island I thought it was just a big crator, but no its an island with a bunch of crators.

After the volcano island thing we went to the hot springs on the other side of the volcano. We got 25 minites in the hot springs. Which was eunuf time to swin there and back. We had to swim off the boat because the boat couldn’t dock in the springs there were too may people already swimming ( like 2 people.) The springs were a copper colour and dyed our bathing suits copper, which sucked! But it kinda came out…kinda.

Then we spent two hours eating lunch on a beach restaurant. If you jumped off the side of the restaurant you land in the water lots of people jumped off, I didn’t I didn’t really think about doing it, sad face. For lunch I had meatballs they were good. I tried some of dad’s octopus, I don’t like octopus, everyone else did though.

After lunch we went on a reif tour our boat had a glass bottom so it would of been really cool if the reif was good. Although we did see a ship wrecked down there and an old crab net. Also a whole lot of small fish but no big ones, and not a single shark.
And after that the boat dropped us off at the bottom of a mountain and at the top is the place were staying . So, obviously, we took a donkey up because there’s no other way right? It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done! We went on a very thin narrow path getting higher and higher. My donkey liked to be as close to the edge as possible and race the other donkeys up, to see who could get to the top first. And I had no control, all I could do was sit back and relax. But how could I relax with death on a thin line? Dad was perfectly fine and so was Rhys (even though Rhys was put in a seprate group of donkeys.) Mom said it the best thing ever she loved it. So I was the only one.

On the way home it was hot. Everyone was seeking shade , even dogs.

So how was your first day of school?


Steve said...

Julia, that sounds great. Santorini is fantastic. Nancy and I were on the same crater tour and I recall the same tan stain from the "hot spring" swim. Great for the skin, not so great for the swim suit.