Thursday, September 9, 2010

No internet in Oia

Will post more soon we are inj an internet free zone, the only one in Santorini.


Steve said...

You need to look for free Internet, not Internet free. Be more careful with the details next time! : )

Thanks for the update. Good to know that the rock face didn't slide in to the sea! Hope the calamari and lamb is great. Have a good bottle of retsina on my behalf. Don't forget to check out Mama's in Fira, right on the main drag for an excellent pancake breakfast if you are missing that type of thing!

maryanncart said...

Hi All, Glad to hear Santorini is going well...what a beautiful place and I hope you have all adjusted to the heat! Look forward to seeing pictures and hearing how you are enjoying the Greek Islands. I hope your land lady has recovered from your over solilitous m-i-l/mother/grandmother. Love you all. Grandma Mac