Monday, September 20, 2010

On Tuesday the 14, Julia and I got some freedom and went to a mini golf & etc. place by ourselves. The place had Go-Karts, the world's greatest invention1, trampolines, a bull ride, water motor floaty circle things, climbing nets, mini golf, and maybe a few other things. When I saw the Go-Karts, I knew I had to go (kart). The guy said we had 5 minutes total on the kart, which is a surprisingly long-and-short time. We agreed that I would have 3 minutes driving and Julia would have 2 minutes since I was so excited. The thing could fit 2 people, which was Julia's mistake. I drove on the very edge of the track flooring the gas, whipping around corners at top speed with the wheels screeching! It was so much fun - until Julia's turn. She drove a bit then tested the brakes. Then picked up a little and hit the left wall. The guy watching us told her to be more careful. Next we played mini golf. They didn't understand the meaning of "Par" so there was no par, just shots. We both had our good holes and our bad holes. I had the record high and low, with 2 and 24. I beat Julia by -19: she had 89, I had 108, and I always win. Then we went on the buckin' bronco and we had 2 turns each. Julia went first, and fell off almost right away. On her second try she got 44 seconds. Julia filmed me on the thing, and I got 45 seconds! Then we talked about how cool the Go-Karts were as we walked back towards our apartment, looking for food. We went to a Pita Gyros2 place, and they were the most delicious ones I had yet! Gyros consist of pork, tomatoes, onions, tzaziki, and spice wrapped up in pita bread. Dad says they are like the Greek hot dog, and they're everywhere!

1. The printing press is close in 2nd!

2. Shape your mouth like a G and say keyrows with out a solid "kuh" sound, but have your tongue close to the top of your mouth.


Steve said...

Glad to see the Minator of Crete is alive and well at the fun palace. I hope this outing wasn't on a school day! : )

You all are doing an excellent job of detailing your travels and sounds fantastic so far. Lots of unique experiences which you will carry with you from now on.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that they had a buget of 40 Euros. They spent 8% on food and 92% on entertainment. :)

maryanncart said...

Love reading all of your stuff...Glad to be back home and reconnecting with you...hope that we can skype soon...Steve and I did our first skype today! :-)