Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Narrowly Escaping Death Twice!

In the very first hours of York, we got to the hostel and unpacked. Having no idea what was in store for us. We needed some groceries so we went down the block to the store.
We were wandering around looking for some food when a tall, fully armed police officer came up to us and forcefully said, “You need to get out of this store there’s been a robbery.”
A ROBBERY??? We didn’t know that, how could we miss that??? We had to leave our cart and our groceries in the store. All the way to Sainsbury (the next store) we were talking about it. We had NO idea that a robbery could take place while we were in the store and us not know it , but maybe it was better that way.
On the way there we saw a young man who had been smashed against the police van with hand cuffs on. I bet he was the culprit. After Sainsbury we went home. That night me and Rhys stayed up later playing connect four, which wasn’t a good idea we found out because that night in the middle of the night the fire alarm went off. It was an ear piercing really annoying sound.
When I was dragged out of bed I was so tired and grumpy. I put on my sweater and followed Mom, who seemed to be the only one who knew it was a fire alarm. It seemed like a maze because we didn’t go out the way we usually do. The first door that led to the outside we couldn’t get out of because we couldn’t figure out how to open it. A lady said, “It’s a false alarm, just go back to bed.”
I didn’t know what was going on so, being so tired, I turned around and headed back to bed.
Mom came and shouted, ”Someone showed us how to open the door. Come on out, Julia!” When we got to the parking lot it was very cold. When we found out it was just a fluke we were very annoyed and relieved because it was 1:15 am and we were all tired. After 6 hours and 2 disasters should we even get out of bed?


maryanncart said...

Hi Julia,

I loved your tale of your disasterous day. Thank heavens you didn't see the robber, before the hand cuffs! In Turkey, if anyone steals something, they use to cut their hands off!!! I hope that you are getting a good sleep, and the same with your family. Greece has many, many fascinating things to see and experience. When you were in London, did you see the Elgin marbles at the museum? Greece wants the English to ship them back! I hope that all of you are drinking litres of water. When Grandpa and I were in North Carolina, it was hot, but not as hot as where you are. Keep us posted. Love to you and your family, Grandma Mac

Mynnette said...

Julia- I sympathize with your non-fire-drill. I think that is a trick they play on tourists, having faced the same thing in various European hotels. Maybe it's a pj check? you DO wear pjs, I assume? Love your blogs- Mynnette

maryanncart said...

Julia, your post card of to Sophie Big Ben in London arrived today and I will call her tonight and read it to her, save the post card and give it to her the next time I see her. They are now living in the town house before they move into their "real house." Loki should arrive soon. Love, Grandma Mac

Ian said...

hi all Dad is trying to get to leave comments

Ian said...

Mom and I went to Charlotte for the wedding of Jim to Rachel which was held at Daniel Stowe Gardens just outside the city. It was a beautiful wedding - it reminded me of Holly and Tom's in the Rose Garden. We spent some time looking around and went to the Levine Old/New Carolina Museum and the Nascar Hall of Fame - both excellent.
This weekend is Labo(u)r Day and I took off Friday as well to get some gardening work etc done.
Mom and I had dinner with Shelly and Mike last evening and tonight with Linda and Bill Ronald.
The weather in Vancouver remains good but is cooling down now.
How all is weel and we look forward to hearing from you as soon as you get in range
Ian (Grampa)