Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When in Greece...

We are now in GREECE. (Small Celebration!!) The first day when we arrived, it was 36°C (HOT). Julia got it the worst, and she wasn’t drinking enough water, and almost blacked out. We went to the National archeological museum, and looked at the statues of ancient Greece. A lot of the statues were nude men, and certain important parts were missing… I saw one clothed female statue holding up a strange looking object beside a nude male statue missing something… Aanywaay, the next day we went for a 5 hour car ride to Kalambaka, with THIS ROCK ABOVE OUR HOTEL (picture) and way up with the balanced rocks, there were… monasteries!? Around 550 years ago, monks and nuns managed to get to the tops of these rocks and build monasteries. The monasteries themselves were sorta boring, and all the same, but the views were awesome! We just crashed into Delfi, I mean Delfoi, er Delphi??? In Greece they spell the name how it sounds, so navigating is tougher. in greek its usually spelt Δελφι. So far Greece rocks!

BUT, BEWARE… today, there was a slow truck on switchbacks going down a mountain. At the end there was a strait road with 3 cars (white, blue, and black from the truck to us) between us and the truck in a 1 lane road. The truck trudged to the shoulder to let us pass, and the white car started to pass. The blue car then decided to pass the passing white car because he wasn’t passing fast enough, then the black car decided that he was faster than all of them combined, and passed the truck (our shoulder), the white car (our lane), and the blue car (other lane) in the shoulder on the opposite side of the road. SO, that's four cars, from left to right:

black | blue ¦ white | truck ;

driving side by side on a one lane road.


maryanncart said...

Rhys...I am screaming with laughter about the cars passing the truck. Grampa Ian will truly enjoy this when he reads it. I am so glad you were enjoying Delphi. I have been there twice and each time, I learned something new. I always felt like there was some "spirit" around the area. Love Grandma Mac

Mynnette said...

Rhys- I am NOT laughing- I got scared reading it, but knowing it turned out OK is good.Did the oracle speak to you? Love, Mynnette