Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rhys is a new man.

Rhys deserves a little time on the blog. In Conwy he ordered a Pasty (meat filled pastry) with steak, ale and MUSHROOMS in it, and ate it AND enjoyed it. A couple days ago his dad took him to a shop to buy some new pants since his were getting too short. I picked out some hip jeans, he TRIED THEM ON, and LIKED THEM. IF anyone has met Rhys these are pobably the two most signifigant life changing experiences in the last two years, in the same week too.

We went on the Beatles MagicalMystery Tour bus yesterday in Liverpool. I liked it, Rhys liked it , Holly enjoyed it, Julia slept. We were at all the fab four's haunts and houses. It was pretty cool in the bus when Penny Lane was cranked up as we were in the roundabout of penny lane. Liverpool was not a dirty working town as I had imadgined. It was fairly fixed up with nice shops and cultural centre at Albert Dock. People here must be sick to death of the Beatles.


Steve said...

Love the pics. Add MORE!
Nice to see the sun has come out every now and then.

Mynnette said...

So many things you write are familiar- love reading all.Mynnette