Saturday, August 21, 2010

Culloden Battle Field

1745 April 16th, two massive armies gathered in Culloden Battle Field.

The Jacobites hadn't lost a war yet, and Prince Charles thought they were invincible.

The British, were outnumbered by the Jacobites, but were well-armed and strategically set up.

George Hanover wanted part monarchy part parliament, while Prince Charles wanted absolute monarchy.

They fought for this reason.

A Jacobite cannon fires, signaling the start of the war!

Cannons duel for a minute or so, while both armies stand and await orders.

Suddenly the Jacobites start charging!

The British haven’t ever heard of a strategy like this, so they’re’n’t prepared for it!

With ¾ of a mile to run, the Jacobites are slowed by a bog, giving the British time to prepare, and counter them, crippling the Jacobite army.

Then, a mob of Jacobites crashes into the British army.

Hacking and slashing their way through the Brits, Jacobites annihilated part of the British army.

The second row of Brits move foreword and encircle the mob of Jacobites.

They receive command to open fire, and in under 3 minutes, 700 Jacobites are killed.

This is the turning point in the war, and the Jacobites who could flee, did so.

Disgustingly, the British followed on horseback, killed and robbed fleeing Jacobites, and put to death those who were injured.

In the end, 1500 Jacobites died and 50 Brits died too.


Mynnette said...

Rhys- I have been there and your explanation was wonderful! You are learing so much first hand history. Hope you can remember it.I eagerly await your next visit! XX Mynnette