Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Julia ~ Haidrian's Wall

We went to Haidrian's wall today. It was a good break from castles ;P. We took a Path to a big field. There were black cows in the feild (the field was walled with Hadrian's Wall.)You had to climb a short ladder to the cows, i personaly didn't think cows were aloud to be that big! Anyway i the field right at the very front was a HUGE bull. A very scary one :\. So me and mom went around, walked to a place with no scary bulls and jumped the fence. There was some damn poison prikle stuff. Obviously i got scratched and it hurt SO bad!!! Then it was a long walk, to an AMAZING place with a cool view i loved it. It was so windy but thats what made it really fun :). It was so windy that you could lean on the wind and it would hold you up!