Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mmmmm.... cheese

A video about me opening a epic babybel cheese-- one size bigger than the large ones.

Babybel is delish.


Steve said...

couple slabs of bread and you have yourself one heck of an awesome grill cheese!

maryanncart@shaw.ca said...

Hi Rhys...loved the video! Nice to see something that looked like a home made apple pie on the counter. Glad to see some new blogs....Has your family received the note from Joy and Doug yet?
Love, Grandma Mac

Rhys said...

@Uncle Steve
I did make an awesome grill cheese :D It was with these mini toast thingies....

@Grandma Mac
I believe what you saw was our lasagna :) It was delish. Also, we have recieved the note from doug and joy.

Love to all!

Mynnette said...

Well, Rhys- you made us drool onto the keyboard! Well opened. Do you call it a "Bobby Bell" as the French do? Or baby bell? Our kids called them Booby bell, as I recall......Hugs-Mynnette