Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The carnaval.

The carnival

Today we went to the third part of the carnival. We started out waking up and feeling awful because yesterday we stayed up really late and then did a long uphill walk.

Anyways… we took the train into town and walked around for a little bit.
At two thirty the parade started the first float was called the Kings float. It was a big sun-man, that was covered in silly-string. Not actually a big surprise though, because everything was covered in silly-string. And confetti. It was chaos, it was so much fun!

Confetti everywhere, in your face, in your hair, in your pants. There were no barriers to tell you where to go only the floats would direct you out of the way. There was everything, but my favorite float was the dead dinosaur thing. You could actually go inside the mouth! Only one person at a time, and I didn’t get picked, but it was so cool because the head moved around everywhere it must have been hard to stay in.

There were also acrobats, one of the groups had a mat type thing and I got to go on it. It was really cool, because they threw me up in the air…hehe. All of the floats were very cool, and big. The audience was chaos. But everything was perfect.


m said...

wow the carvival looks like GREAT fun...I'm so glad you all got to enjoy were just on line but zipped off before I could get there! Love Grandma Mac