Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cross Country Skiing

Today we rented some skis, and went cross country skiing. We all had a fantastic time, and certainly would do it again. The skis have hinges on the toes, so that you can walk better. The poles were mostly for balance; although I liked to push myself along with them. the skis were only about 4cm across, but they were fairly long. The air was incredibly cold, but I didn't even feel it until the end, because I was working so hard.

Julia fell down a lot, especially when we were going down, up, or strait. Dad was the only one that didn't fall. Mom fell in the same place I did, which was at least a 45° slope downward for 2 metres. The slightest change was either a slippery ascend, or a speedy descend.

Near the beginning, mom lost her camera in a fall. She didn't notice until later when she was going to take a picture. we had to wait while dad went to get her camera. Near the end, her batteries died when she was about to take a picture. Also near the end, my stomach started to hurt when I fell on nothing, and I didn't know why. I was trying to get over the side of the road, which was a big pile of snow.


maryanncart said...

Rhys, your posting had me laughing too. I ache no matter whether I fall or NOT...working out at the gym is now being my excuse. After 8 sessions, no one can see any difference! I hope all your black and blue marks are visible so you can get some sympathy. NEAT that you went cross country skiing and I LOVE the picture of your folks. Love Grandma Mac