Thursday, December 2, 2010

Car ride

So yesterday we met canadian peoples. They said alot, but one of the things my mom said we should do was go to the church if the feild. So today we got up (ugh) and got in the car and went to the curch in the field. I'm starting to really soak in to the whole beauty thing, because during our car ride i looked out side and though 'wow'. The snow is just awsome it's sooo pretty, makes everything is so... pretty. So i took lots of pictures.

The church was honestly amazing. And that's coming from me it was so ornate and cold. Yes, cold (i spent my time warming by the holy candles.) Every little bit of church was covered with gold design and pictures or paintings. This was a church about as good as WestMinster Abby! It was awsome. This was a church in the middle of nowhere we all just thought why is this in the middle of nowhere?

After that my toes were freezing. I bought, not ugly,no, i was told the boots were good for hiking and they would be warm and dry. I agreed to them because my feet were cold and they were water proof, so i thought. It turns out they are most likely not water proof, so my feet are squished up in wet boots all day. Anyway we went to a kings bachlor bad. My dad said it looked feminine.

I thought it was pretty. We went up the stairs (yes only two floors in here) And saw a bunch of his rooms. He went there 2 weeks every MONTH! The was a beuatiful blue bedroom and alot of diamonds or paintings of the gods. Well, it was cool not very big though, and i would of thought Ludwig would have made it big :)


Rhys said...

i look so good in picture number 5

maryanncart said...

Love your church comments Julia...and I hope you've warmed up by now! Love Grandma Mac