Sunday, August 18, 2013

Driving the Julian Alps

We escaped our prison confinement this morning and rented a get-away car to head to the mountains.  The rental went very smoothly and the car is the nicest we have seen yet.  We stopped at our next accommodation to drop the bags and then headed to a nearby gorge for a hike.  It was underwhelming.  In fact, it appeared strangely like home...and no, we are not secretly up Grouse somewhere.

Can you see the rainbow?

After the hike, we drove through some spectacular scenery.

The hole in the mountain is actually large enough for the Statue of Liberty to crawl through.

By far, the best part of the day was the car train.  At the end of the drive, they have an engine attached to several flat bed cars that you drive onto.  Then the train drags through a whole series of tunnels back to almost the beginning.  This proved to be Very exciting and we have lots of video clips we can't upload so you'll have to make do with the still photos.


Tom said...

car train? I want one.