Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Nice Trip

The drive to Italy was a long one so we decided to stop over on the French Riviera for a few nights in between drives. We especially wanted to play the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” game. We were not disappointed.

We spent our first day in Antibes and Cannes. We took a wonderful walk around the Cap D’Antibes and then drove into Cannes to see if we could spot any movie stars. No star out during the day but we did see them setting up the theatres for the upcoming Film Festival.

The next day we drove the three corniche drive to Monaco to hobnob with the really rich. The drive was gorgeous with stunning views. We stopped in a little medieval village called Eze. It was very cute and done up well. However, the costs of items in that village were almost triple what they were elsewhere! We knew then we had arrived at the haunts of the very rich. Imagine having so much money that you don’t look at a price tag and don’t care what you pay. On the one hand it seems tempting. On the other, it seems irresponsible. Off we went to Monaco.

You can see from the picture our position in the Grand Prix. It was a difficult race but the streets were freshly paved. There weren't many Renault entries and even fewer families but we are an adventurous sort. We couldn't find the finish line. The streets all seemed the same with thousands of vehicles all pushing and shoving to be first. Eventually we found a parking spot and opted out of the race.

There were stands being set up along the harbour and the shops along there must hate it because it was quite difficult to walk along there after the race. We toodled about for awhile but the highlight was the Monte Carlo Casino. I mean, you can’t go to Monte Carlo and not gamble at the casino, right? We made the kids wait outside while we went in to gamble. I hear that’s an old Canadian tradition…just kidding. We didn’t go into the back rooms because we were too cheap to pay the 10 euro cover charge. We just sat at the slot machines in front. Tom lost his money and I doubled mine so we walked out a whole euro richer than when we walked in. It could happen to you, too. Really.

However, the real show wasn’t in the casino. It was out in front. There was a constant parade of Bentleys, Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghinis driving around the circle. I kid you not. These people really do exist and they all go to the same spot: Monte Carlo. The per capita income in Monaco is the highest in Europe. I wonder if that includes the casino?