Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Class

Art class.

Yesterday I went to an art thing that was a lot of fun. Dad came along, but basically he just wanted to know what kind of paint to buy. The drive was a very long confusing drive but in the end it all worked out. So starting the flash back *%* Doodooloo*%*:

We left with everything we needed for art. I had my elastic around my wrist and dad had the phone number we needed to call and the actual phone. Nothing could go wrong, but we obviously found a way to make it go wrong. It was a long boring ride and the GPS was being very difficult to work with. Eventually we got there.

We were supposed to meet at the gas station but we couldn’t find it, although we knew we were in the right town. Then we decided to forget about the gas station and just focus on calling them, because chances are they would know the whole town and be able to find us. It wasn’t a very big town. Dad took out the cell phone and turned it on and it said ‘Punch in pin’. Dad turned and said “What’s the pin, Julia?” I looked at him and said “Dunno”.

Dad got out of the car and looked for a phone, which didn’t take long because there was a phone right beside us. Out of order. I wasn’t very surprised though. He got back in the car and we drove around town, luckily (sort of) a random lady kept pointing right and said ‘Yahblehdoneck spanyoten’. Well, it sounded like that and I’M telling to story…not you. So dad turned right following Yable Lady’s finger and she was pointing to the Gas Station! So we got there, but how could we meet them if we couldn’t call!?

Dad asked people for help while I sat in the car trying, and failing, to sleep. He got back in, in about 15 minutes and said ‘There’s another phone by the Clinic.’ So we went there and it worked! It was embarrassing though when I heard dad “CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?” But I got through it.

The house was gorgeous. Amazing gardens and views…but it was in the middle of no where. The studio was great, that was good because it was cold out and I wore shorts. So we started out painting the poster. Not exactly the poster but the idea of what came to our mind. Both of us had very different ideas. Mine was bright and bold. Dad’s was mellow and warm. We were supposed to put hands in it and that’s why I don’t like mine. Both the paintings are just sort of trying out what we like and different brush strokes. Though, I do really like the bottom of mine.

Then we had lunch. It was very cold. Cold potatoes, and tomatoes. Hehe. I tried a prune. I don’t like prunes. It was a good lunch but very non-filling.

After lunch we went out and looked at the Garden. Then chose something to paint from the garden. I choose a tree. Yesterday I really wanted all my pictures to be bold and weird. Like Dali. I can now see why Dali painted the things he did, because it’s more fun to paint like that! With bright red and Yellow.

After the walk we went in to paint what we wanted. I started out by painting the back ground red. REALLY red. I used the thick brush because…well, because that brush is fun to use. Then I went to the bathroom and when I came out there was no one there! I would’ve waited in the studio, but that would have been boring! I walked to the front door and one of her cats ran in!

She doesn’t let her cats go in. So before I could start looking for them I had to find the cat. I looked in the kitchen. No cat. (ok, lets just fast forward to the studio) so I went to the studio and found the cat. But WOW! This cat is a really good hider. He or She was behind a painting and I NEVER would’ve found her if it weren’t for her tail flicking back and forth.

I found the cat and shoed her out. Then I looked in the outside office and found dad and the art teacher. Dad was printing out the picture on his camera. I guess nothing out side he really liked. Then we all went back in.

I painted four paintings all together. I finished painting the tree one. And started painting what is now my second least favorite. Then I painted the rose arch, from her garden. I loved the rose arch so why not paint it? It’s my favorite one. I put a lot of effort in to the tree and the rose arch. With lighting and three different shades of green. It's still a little lop-sided though.

Dad said he didn’t like painting on canvas. He used very watery paints though. He needed to because of the light colours in his picture. He said it was a sort of waxy canvas so the water colour didn’t grab as well. Mine worked perfectly though, I didn’t use any water in my thick colours though.

Me and dad both have very different styles the teacher said. It’s true. Dad’s really are not very bright and mine aren’t very realistic. At all. Except the tree if you don’t look at the background and only look at the tree … with out the lemons. It’s pretty good.


Steve said...

budding artists doing punny said...

Julia, when the pictures came through, before your story, I looked at your rose arch and said, "wow...that reminds me of Dal (I think the clouds)...well done...and I do like Tom's, too. Neat day the two of you had. Love, Grandma Mac

Julia said...

Thanks and "punny' is good word... i think ill use it more often :)