Sunday, March 20, 2011


Valencia was really loud. It was a lot like the Carnival in Nice. Except louder. Loud.

The apartment we stayed in was beautiful and fun (it didn’t hurt that the lady gave me candy :D) but later we found that it was super humid. Our clothes didn’t even dry, and they had 3 days to! It was loud or so I thought. It was quiet compared to the down town places.

The first day we went for walk, and the whole time I was scared that I would step on a fire cracker :/ and my foot would explode. It didn’t… in case your wondering. It was so loud, but after a while your stop jumping. The walk kind of gave us a feel for the city. Actually, no it didn’t. The city was really loud, the big firecrackers went of right beside you! God, it was SCARY.

When we went down town we went to these really cool futuristic buildings, that could have been resorts. Dad said they were like a town center with meuseums and stuff. Personally I would rather have pool’s and tennis courts then science museums. But they did have all these volleyball places to play on the beach.

We went to the science museum. You can see my excitement when I found that out. YaAaAaAaay. It was cool though. A lot like science world actually. Except in this one part I wasn’t tall enough to do any thing. That was only one part though. There was other parts too. It was a lot of fun actually. There was a lot of stuff like Wii games. There was also this awesome on where you sat across from someone and spoke into the mic. and it changed you voice to this awesome chipmuck voice. Mwahaha.

That night was really weird because I fell asleep and then I opened by eyes and saw firworks just outside of my window it was insane!
Day of burning: When I woke up mom was mad because she missed a bridge thing. Rhys was awake when I got up. I know ‘Rhys’ and ‘awake’ aren’t meant to be in the same sentence unless there’s an ‘isn’t’ in between them. But he was. We got out and did stuff until about 5ish when we went home. We packed. Then went back out back out.

Night of burning: I got tiered around 10:00. I know, I just have this super-natural ability to stay up late. 10 was when they burned the small thing then we had 2 long boring hours until the real one would burn. We had awesome seats though. When the thing started to burn people cheered and every time something fell people cheered. It was a lot of fun.


Steve said...

Just when you thought you had seen everything! The museum looks awesome. Definitely scifi type of building.

m said...

Hi Julia,

It was fun reading about the parade and seeing the pictures. I can understand how LOUD must have new meanings!!! Love, Grandma Mac