Friday, February 11, 2011

Things I remember from 6 months of Europe

Big Ben the broken bell

jet planes that flew by Nessie's quarters

araf written on the road in Wales (it means stop)

the Gyros in Athens that I would do anything for

the Santorini sunset

Rhodes is pronounced rohdohs

hydroplaning boats called dolphins took us from Greece to Turkey

the 'genuine fake watches' signs in Selçuk (the ç is a ch sound, also ş is sh)

the non-slip white calcium hills of Pamukkale

the warm bubbly mineral pool of the calcium springs

the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia and mom and dad telling us about the sky filled with hot air balloons

go-karts in Hisaronu

Istanbul train station racing cat that sprinted towards you as fast as possible when you made the slightest pspspsps noise

trains from Turkey to Hungary; not a fun memory

Va Piano Italian restaurant- hard to distinguish if you're in heaven or heaven on earth

meeting William Kentridge

Weiner schnitzels in Vienna

Eating the best perogies of my life on my birthday in Krakow, the name I gave my first online gaming character by chance, I had no idea it was a place

the Berlin Zoo mop

the dragon door in Çesky Krumlov

the salt mines in Salzburg

cross country skiing in Hopferau

the valley of kings in Luxor

the Pyramids of Giza

having a family reunion in Horncastle

arriving in Paris!

going to Notre Dame

going to Euro-Disney

going to Eiffel Tower

leaving Paris

the ironworks museum in Rouen

the Bayeux Tapestry in Bayeux

going to Mont Saint Michel

the D-Day beaches

the long drive to Sarlat

seeing Beynac Castle

the longer drive to Venasque


You bumped into the Lloyds.


Mynnette said...

Wish I had bumped into the Lloyds, Rhys. Your trip is more than memorable the way you describe it. Save everything you have seen, described, noted, etc, so when you are my age you can go over them and enjoy the trip all over again. Some things you think you will NEVER forget, but you do. It has been such a joy reliving some of the things you have done. Hugs to all- Mynnette said...

Having trouble leaving comments now...don't know why Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Ok Rhys...loved your write up, pictures etc. Now I've figured out how to leave my messages...Hope all is well...Love Grandma Mac

Steve said...

Nice summary in pictures Rhys. I can hardly believe it has been 6 months on the road. I am glad there are so many memorable moments. You are lucky that digital memories are so prevalent in your generation. The ability to document your travels will provide a life of fanstastic memories when you look back on all these experiences. Seeing the world can only help expand ones concept of how we fit in to it. We always enjoy hearing your thoughts on the things you have seen.

Rhys said...

thanx guys :) I tried to think of peple wanting more pictures when i did this one