Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aquaducks...oh, ducts.

OK, yah so Romans. Alrighty, for me, history gets worse to live in the farther back you go. The Romans, though, had it going pretty well for themselves when there empire was tops, better than medieval times. Romans ruled all over Europe, (and some of Morocco, Jordan and such) one of the things they were good at was keeping the people happy. It’s sort of why they were successful (they were also successful because they were good at fighting). Back then water was a sign of wealth, so the more you had the wealthier you are[don’t worry I’m getting to the point!]. Then the Romans decided that to make the towns look richer they would find away to get more water into the towns [almost there…]. They came up with Aquaducts [Yes, that was the point.], Aquaducts are basically pipes or water transportation.

How: They made them by lying down a solid, rectangular, flat piece of clay with edges that are a bit higher than the middle. Then took a hot stamp and stamped that into the clay. After they had their mould they poured the liquid-medal into the mould and when it cooled they rolled it up and sealed it. The width and length of the mould varied depending on what sizes they wanted their pipes. When they were done making their pipe they stuck it together with another pipe to make a longer one.

Why: They made them mostly to flood water in the city. They also wanted to impress the people they defeated, like now the richer could get cold and hot water out of taps in their houses. The Romans could also turn the water flow on and off in different areas. They had that so they were prepared for times of droughts.

Where: Everywhere they ruled they had Aquaducts. Which was most of Europe and some of Africa and Asia. The biggest Aquaduct bridge (left standing) is in France and we saw it today.

When: The Aquaducts time was about 40 A.D. The Romans prime time was close to 0 A.D, The Romans ruled from 500 B.C to 500 A.D, though. Their Empire started to fall in 400 A.D and fell for good in 500 A.D. After the Romans left the ‘Dark Ages’ started.

What: They used pressure to push the water through the pipes and into the baths.

Who: Uh...the Roman's :)

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Hi Julia, That was very interesting about the aquaducts. And the one you saw is QUITE impressive...and it is hard to believe that it is still standing after France was in two major wars etc. Love Grandma Mac

Steve said...

It is amazing how civilizations from so far back, with so little work with, still managed to find ways to make things work. The first "engineers" paved the way. Between things like the pyramids and the aqua ducts, one does realize how rapidly science has accelerated in the last 100 years. Even then, these feats are impressive given the times. Thanks for sharing the history lesson.

Mynnette said...

Great blog. Thanks.Fun to review things I might have known but have forgotten details. Love the Porkie Pig at the end! Hugs- Mynnette